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Delaware is the second smallest state by area, in some places only nine miles across, so you would expect to find fewer pawn shops in Delaware than in larger states. Still, 14 pawn shops can be found in Delaware, in cities like Delmar, Dover, Georgetown, Milford, New Castle, Seaford and Wilmington.

Delaware’s modern history begins with the establishment of a Dutch trading post, so it’s not surprising that buying and selling is a favorite activity in Delaware. From colonial times to today, Delaware’s pawnshops have been an important part of the business landscape, offering a familiar service as a source for quick cash through collateral loans and through purchases of used items and as a reseller of discounted used goods at bargain prices.

Looking for a used jewelry? Maybe a watch, pair of earrings, a ring or bracelet? How about a TV, laptop computer, iPod or MP3 player? Car stereo? Cell phone or smart phone? Electric guitar or bass or other musical instrument? Delaware’s pawn shops are a great place to look. Even antiques and collectibles—sometimes quite valuable—can be found in one of Delaware’s pawn shops. And unlike thrift stores, consignment shops and discount stores—not to mention conventional retailers—pawn shops in Delaware offer an opportunity to discover a “diamond in the rough” or haggle for a better price.

Delaware’s pawnshops are great too if you need money fast to pay a bill, repair a car, buy a gift or meet another unexpected expense. Usually less expensive than a payday advance or similar operation, pawn shops offer collateral loans at comparatively low interest rates. Plus, they require no applications or credit checks and are regulated by the state of Delaware.

So if you need short-term cash, bring in your TV, guitar, jewelry, laptop or bike and get a small loan. Pay it back and get your item back. Or simply sell your item and get cash immediately. And bargin hunters: visit a pawn shop in Delaware if you are in the mood for a great deal and a shopping experience full of potential surprises!

You can find a pawn shop in these Delaware cities and locations. It is estimated that Delaware has some 14 pawnshops.

  • Delmar
  • Dover
  • Georgetown
  • Milford
  • New Castle
  • Seaford
  • Wilmington